Halloween is just around the corner and most of us are probably still trying to decide what we want to be this year. Many people start planning next year's costume before they are even finished with the parties this year.

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Child Doctor Costume - Dressing Your Child as a Doctor for Halloween

The Basic Child Doctor Costume

Halloween is a fun time of year for every kid, and dressing up in their favorite costume is a big part of the fun. Most parents and kids start talking about costumes early in the fall, and many of them may take months to plan and create the perfect costume.

While it may come some disappointment to mom when their child decides they want to be a doctor there is no reason your childs doctor costume has to be plain. The basic child doctor costume like the one here usually comes with all the basics such as a full set of scrubs including the shirt, pants and hat.

A Childrens doctor costume will often have add on accessories such as the mask, gloves, and covers for their feet. Sometimes they come with mirrors, clip boards, giant fake hypodermic needles and stethoscopes, if not all of these accessories can be purchased separately at a very affordable price. Each of these accessories will enhance the child doctor costume you choose for your child.

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Kids Doctor Costume

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You can also get a toddler doctor costume for your little one, these costumes are great for moms as they are very easy to get on and off, and are much more comfortable for your little one to wear, especially if he is going to be going all over town trick or treating. Of all the toddler Halloween costumes they are perhaps the easiest for mom to deal with and are even made big enough to put extra clothes on underneath should it be cold Halloween night.

Taking your Childs Doctor Costume a Bit Further

If your child is older and you feel the need to be creative there is so much that you can do with a childrens doctor costume. You can easily make your child a zombie by either buying an actual child doctor costume that is made up to look like a zombie or you can use a simple childs doctor costume and let you and your child's imagination run wild.

A bit of makeup made to look like blood and rotting flesh, a lot of blood on your doctor scrubs and coat, and a few trailing pieces of bloody gauze and you have creepy zombie doctor your child will love. You can also make your child doctor costume into a mad doctor, a witch doctor, or for younger kids that may scare easy perhaps a set of goofy glasses and big ears.
There is no limit to the ways your child can express himself with a childrens doctor costume and the two of you will have a lot of fun looking for ways to make his doctor costume completely different from any other doctor out there.