Halloween is just around the corner and most of us are probably still trying to decide what we want to be this year. Many people start planning next year's costume before they are even finished with the parties this year.

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Kids love to play dress up and one of their favorite dress up games is playing doctor, so it is no wonder that the kids doctor costumes are one of the most popular costumes available. A perennial favorite, the kids Doctor costume always has a place on the costume racks.

One of the nice things about a kids halloween costume is once Halloween is over they will wear it over and over again while playing doctor with their siblings and friends. It is always nice to find a costume that will not get worn one time and then tossed in the closet never to be seen again until it is time to clean.

Kids love this costume because of how comfortable it is and it is easy to take on and off making it a great costume for a long night of parties and trick or treating. This is one of the few costumes that a child can wear at a dress up day at school too as it will not interfere with them doing their work or going about their day.

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Kids Doctor Costume

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Get Creative with your Kids Dr Costume

If you are one of those moms that have to have original costumes for their children, kids doctor costumes are a great place to start. While you can leave the costume just as it is, why not get them a zombie mask, some gauze wrap and fake blood to create your very own zombie doctor, or you can cover their doctors coat with blood, put lots of make up on their face and make them into a mad doctor. Perhaps you can dress up their little sister or brother with ace wrap and gauze and send them out together as a doctor and his patient.

Kids love Halloween and so do many moms, the opportunity to dress your child up in a onetime original costume made from a basic costume and plenty of mom creativity can be fun for both mom and child alike.