Halloween is just around the corner and most of us are probably still trying to decide what we want to be this year. Many people start planning next year's costume before they are even finished with the parties this year.

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Naughty Nurse Costume - Dressing Naughty Can be Fun

For Halloween Parties

Whether you are going to a fancy dress party at New Years or a Halloween party with your friends there is no more popular costume than the naughty nurse costume. It takes guts to put on one of these naughty nurse costumes especially if you are going to wear it out in public.

Not only are these costumes popular with the ladies who wear them and get to show off, but they are very popular with the guys. Of all the fantasies listed by men having their significant other wear a naughty nurse outfit for a special night of fun is right at the top of the list.

Ok so maybe you want to show off a little, but want to save a little show for your hubby after the party. Or maybe you are just a little shy and not too sure how you are going to react to all the men at the party drooling. That is not a problem; you can still wear naughty nurse Halloween costumes. For Halloween there are naughty nurse costumes that are just a little longer in the skirt and button up a little higher. This way you only show as much as you are comfortable with.

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Of course if you have no shame and want to leave them all drooling in their drinks, you can go with the absolute shortest dress with the deep plunging neckline. Add some sheer white stockings a pair of ultra high stilettos and the infamous nurse's cap and strut your stuff. You better make sure that you bring along a stethoscope and maybe a blood pressure cuff as you are sure to cause a few of the guys to need to have their heart rates checked out.

On Those Special Nights

Since it is a well known fact that many men fantasize about their lover in a naughty nurse costume, perhaps you have considered giving your man a real treat. While the naughty nurse costumes you can buy for Halloween might be just the ticket for that special night, there are other options that can add to the fun and fantasy.

Depending on where you shop, you can find a very naughty nurse costume that is really nothing more than a pair of very lacey panties and bra along with stockings and high heels all trimmed with red crosses. You can wear these by themselves or hide them under your nurse's outfit so that your "patient" can discover them as you go about taking care of him while he is "sick." The main object here is to mix just the right over the top sexiness with the look of a real nurse.

While both of these occasions are perfect for your sexy nurse fancy dress costume, there are always other fancy dress parties to attend. New Year's Eve is traditionally one of the best times of the year to attend a fancy dress party. Imagine how stunned everyone will be when you take off that heavy winter coat to reveal a very naught nurse costume underneath, getting a kiss under the mistletoe should not be a problem.